Erik McClure

PlaneShader v0.9.7

PlaneShader is a high-speed 2D rendering engine, which at some point will have a lot of really cool features, but right now just has all the basics.

  • Image manipulation
  • Dynamic optimization
  • Grouping and parent/child relationships
  • Depth (z-axis)
  • Advanced culling
  • Tilesets
  • Animation
  • Sprite animation generation
  • GUI system
  • Masking
  • Particle system (Not GPU based yet)
  • Limited shader support as of v0.9
  • Gradients
  • Vista/win7 Desktop composition

Cooler features like a built in lighting system, per-image shaders and distortion will be put in later after I have a working demo of my game. I have not had the time to write a functional .net wrapper for the engine yet, sorry. Keep in mind that this is an alpha test, and while it probably doesn’t have any serious leaks or bugs, I would not recommend using it in production.

Precompiled exes can be found in examples/bin.



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