Erik McClure

Assembly CAS implementation

inline unsigned char BSS_FASTCALL asmcas(int *pval, int newval, int oldval)
      unsigned char rval;
      __asm {
#ifdef BSS_NO_FASTCALL //if we are using fastcall we don't need these instructions
        mov EDX, newval
        mov ECX, pval
        mov EAX, oldval
        lock cmpxchg [ECX], EDX
        sete rval // Note that sete sets a 'byte' not the word
      return rval;
This was an absolute bitch to get working in VC++, so maybe this will be useful to someone, somewhere, somehow. The GCC version I based this off of can be found here.

Note that, obviously, this will only work on x86 architecture.



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